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Measure An Axle

You have a bent or a broken axle, and everywhere you call, they are asking you for measurements. Hub face? Spring center? Idler? Is measuring an axle really that complicated? No. It isn't.

There is a short, hands-on video available at the end of this tutorial. You can scroll down to view at any time, but we recommend that you read all the way through first.

This tutorial is intended to instruct how to measure a regular spring (not torsion, please call us if you need torsion axle assistance) up to 7000#. The bigger, dual tandem axles are measured in a similar way, but there are other variables also. Please call us for these type of axles as well.

Let's have a look at the basics. there are two main types of axles; straight or cambered, and drop. The axle will either have brakes (braking axle), or no brakes (idler axle). In either case, the hub face (HF) measurement is measured to the same place, the outside face of the hub that holds the tires on.

Let's refer to this chart:

Hub face (HF) and spring centers (SC) are what we use to determine your axle width and placement. But in order to get you the correct weight axle, we need to know the wieght class of your axle. This is mainly determined by the lug count on your hubs. You will have 5, 6, or 8 lugs on your tires. 6 and 8 lug tires have a standard lug spread. 5 lug tires do not.

The lug spread on a 5 lug hub can be any one of four different measurements. If you do not know what your 5 lug spread is, please refer to our HOW TO MEASURE A 5 LUG PATTERN tutorial.

Northshore Trailer and Equipment keeps a large stock of idler and braking axles in stock, and common axles can be ordered and delivered usually within 7 days. We also stock all of the components needed to mount your new axle.